Lace Collection

These are the lace fabrics that we currently have available to be used on our dresses. Please see our Wedding Dress Collection for ideas on how to add them to your chosen style!

The Art Nouveau Floral lace is a bold and elegant pattern in Ivory. The medium size scale of the pattern means that this lace is ideal for dresses with more lace to show off the detail.


The Swirly Flower lace is a small repeat pattern in pale Ivory. A delicate lace that lends itself to all dress styles due to the soft feel and intricate detail. The scalloped trim gives a pretty edge to sleeves and hems.


The Enchanted Floral corded lace is a large scale repeat pattern in a pale Ivory. This lace is suitable for dresses with more lace or all over lace to show off the detail on the scalloped edge. Might not suitable for very sensitive skin.


This Blush Pink Cotton Embroidered Lace is super soft and delicate. A large scale pattern runs horizontally along this fabric, perfect for a pleated skirt! It has a lovely drape to it and looks great teamed with pink silk.


The Ophelia Lace is a floral pattern embroidered in cotton on a soft net. This lace does not have a scalloped edge and so lends itself to a full overlay on a Circle skirt with a trimmed hem.

The Blossom Lace is a small repeat floral pattern in Ivory. This lace will work really well in any style of dress due to the pattern being more concentrated. The scalloped trim makes a pretty edge to lace sleeves and hemlines.


The Wild Meadow lace is a super soft cotton embroidered lace in a warm shade of Ivory. The matt finish means it tones down any colour that is put behind it. The large scale pattern means that this lace is particularly suited to dresses with more lace.


The Cherry Blossom Lace is a corded lace in a pale Ivory embellished with pearlescent sequins. This gives it a lovely subtle sparkle. It is a large scale pattern and has a scalloped shaped edge. Might not be suitable for very sensitive skin.


The Polka Dot net is a classic pattern and looks great layered over Ivory for a textured look. It is a small scale pattern and is soft to the touch. Unlike the floral laces, this fabric has a straight edge and so requires a small rolled hem.


The Empress Lace has a twisting floral pattern which is embellished with diamantes and pearlised cabouchons, making it the most sparkly lace in the collection. Made from a soft lace in a cool Ivory this looks stunning overlaid the vintage satin.